Beds4contractors.com was established during lockdown 2021 with a vision to putting an end to paying high commission fees to OTA's (online travel agents) for both hosts and accommodation providers, and businesses needing to find a place for their employees or contractors to stay.

Having been landlords and hosts ourselves since 2004, and borne out of the frustrations of being dependant on the big OTA's for bookings, whilst being offered little to no support AND being charged those unjustified commissions, all at the same time... we decided it was time to take back control.

Here at beds4contractors.com, we believe businesses looking for short stays for their employees, & property owners and managers offering serviced accommodation, should not be paying such high commissions. In fact, we should pay zero commission. That's why, for the same price you'll pay in commission to other online booking agencies for just one stay... you'll get one whole year of commission free bookings as a host or accommodation provider. And if you're a business looking for accommodation? Then register with us now and for a limited time, we'll waive your first year's fees. Right now you can have free access to all our registered accommodation providers. Whether it's serviced apartments in Oxford, short to long stay corporate housing in Glasgow, or a company let in Huddersfield, we've got you covered. We're right where you need us.

If you have beds for contractors or corporate guests available:

Register with us today, upload your property details, pay one small annual fee and enjoy commission free bookings all year round.

If you're a business needing short to long term accommodation for your team:

Register with us today and instantly start searching for the right property in the right area near to where you need to be. Absolutely free! Find the contact details of as many property owners and managers and contact them direct. Ask all the questions you need to and book direct. No middleman, no commission, no hassle.

Register or contact us NOW.


How much do we charge?

For accommodation providers - There is one annual fee to list your property on our website. We offer different packages depending on the number of properties you have to list. And that's it. No booking fees. No commission. No finders fees. Guests contact you direct and pay you direct.
For contractors looking for accommodation - Our service for you is FREE. You pay nothing. Nada. Zilch! You won't pay to register and use our service nor will you pay any commission to contact any of our listed properties. Register on our website, search for the ideal apartment, contact the accommodation provider and book direct. No commission. No fees of any kind. Just.... Free! And if that's still not enough, then let us do the searching for you. Just fill in a quick form here and we'll do the rest!

Why should I list my property with Beds 4 Contractors?

We advertise and market our website as far and as wide as we can reach, so that your property is seen by those that are looking for it, when they need it. For less than the commission you'll pay for just one booking on other websites, you can have a whole year of your property being listed on our website for guests & contractors to find and contact you direct. We do not charge companies and guests to access your contact details. No commission. No fees.

What if I already have a website?

All the details a company may need will be on your advert on our website. All your contact details will also be visible to all registered users. You can share a link to your website and let guests go direct to your website from beds4contractors.com

Can my property be instantly booked from beds4contractors.com

No. Guests will find you, and then they have the option to message or call you to make further enquiries and book direct with you. Your synced calendar will allow them to see instantly which nights you have availability.

Will my listing be synced with the same listing I have on other OTAs like Airbnb & Booking.com?

Yes it can be. In your dashboard you can sync your listing with any other OTA. You can also use your own channel manager for this.

Who can book my property?

We work closely with contractors, businesses and companies across the UK to provide short & long term accommodation for their employees, clients & guests. So any of these can contact you direct via beds4contractors.com. Since registration is open to all, you can expect to receive enquiries from leisure guests too. You decide who you want at your property. You're in charge.

What if I have a confirmed booking but need to cancel it?

Through our extensive advertising & marketing, beds4contractors.com puts your listing in front of your potential customers. You deal with all enquiries, bookings and cancellations yourself but we're here to support you when you need us. If you need to cancel and require our help, let us know and we can find alternative and similar accommodation for your guest. Unlike other OTA's, you'll never be penalised or charged a fee for cancellation.

We're looking for accommodation for our team but can't find an ideal property. Can you help?

Thanks to our extensive advertising & marketing,... yes we can! Simply complete a quick form by clicking "here" and we'll find your ideal property, usually within 24hrs but often sooner. You can then contact the host of the accommodation directly yourself to book your stay.

I do not have the time to search for a property, can you find the perfect place for my colleagues?

Thanks to our extensive advertising & marketing... yes we can! Simply complete a quick form by clicking "here" and we'll find your ideal property, usually within 24hrs but often sooner. You can then contact the host of the accommodation directly yourself to book your stay.